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The purchase of a home is probably the largest financial investment of a lifetime and it is essential that the entire process should be as stress-free and secure as possible. To have legal title deeds is the selling homeowners’ proof that they are indeed the owners and are legally entitled to sell and transfer the property in question. During the sales process a wide and careful search is made to discover whether the seller has revealed all, if any, easements, liens or mortgages are lodged against the property. To have disputes about or claims against the property once it has been sold could be costly and title insurance should be obtained to ensure peace of mind. Free Title provides prospective home buyers with the chance to achieve title insurance for the very best price.

Free Title Quote has a comprehensive network of title insurance companies throughout the country and can ensure the prospective title insurance customers will receive up to five quotations from competing providers in the area in question. These title insurance providers are fully aware that they are rivals for the customer’s business and will therefore present the very best possible quote, thus saving the customer a significant sum of money. Free Title Quote assures prospective homeowners that should they join the company it will cost nothing until they receive the first of up to five quotations from companies offering title insurance. With Free Title Quote they will enjoy the benefits of online advertising and experienced marketing strategies.

The system of recording titles in the United States is not always entirely accurate although it is being assessed and improvements being put into place. An owner’s title insurance policy guards against any potential dispute and claim that may not have been discovered during the title search. Title insurance policies will normally offer coverage in the amount of the total purchase price of the property. Joining the company of Free Title Quote and utilizing its resources will avail customers of the relief of the stress and time consumption should they consider trying to accomplish the best price for title insurance on their own.

Free Title Quote cautions home buyers needing title insurance against being coerced into accepting a title insurance policy arranged without consultation by realtors, estate agents or mortgage brokers. Purchasers don’t always comprehend that as they are going to be paying for the policy they have the right and should at least have the option of choosing a title insurance provider and in fact State Law coincides with this view. As with any insurance policy procurement customers should exercise wisdom and consider all quotations very carefully before making an informed decision regarding a title insurance policy which will exactly answer their requirements.

As Free Title Quote advises the cost of title insurance is relative to the value of the property. The higher the assessed value of the property the more coverage will be required. The premium for title insurance is not large when compared to the overall purchase cost and is normally only paid once at the closing of the sale. The title insurance policy will remain in force for as long as the property is owned by the insured purchaser.

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