Home Buying: 101


The time has finally come and you are ready to purchase your first home! This is a very exciting and somewhat nerve wracking time in your life. There are so many steps that are involved when you are looking to pu
rchase a home. Of course, there are the baby steps like finding the perfect neighborhood, along with finding the perfect home as well. Although, what happens after you have fallen in love with your new humble abode?

The first steps before you should start seriously looking actually begin with your budget and what you can afford as far as a down payment and a monthly payment. This step is the most important when searching because it helps set the tone for the rest of the buying process. When you have successfully secured a loan, is when the process starts to get real!

After you have found your new house to call home it is time to gather all of the important documents you and the seller need. One of the most important documents you need is title insurance; this is to secure all of the assets involved with the home such as the deed and any discrepancies that may follow with the house. At the time it may not seem it important, this is vital step in order to get the keys to your new home! Following this step would an inspection of the property to ensure everything is up to par with the home. After all these steps have been completed, there is only one more, stepping into your new home!

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